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So you’re some point you can ask for businesswe’re gonna go get a job so what youwhere you have to say were you have to say it this way what we say iship-hop the you know real quickly here now that you’re in a real estatetransactionthere’s just gonna be this thing happens I’min the best thing I can do is related to when you bought a car so what we’ll askare you okpathfinder I guess you got a pathfinder what color was itgreater gray in so you left the dealership driving your gray Pathfinderimmediately when you’re driving down the street what did you see all around you.

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Great pathfinder’s exactly so far what’s so interesting is that something at thebase of the brain called the reticular activation systemit’s just a No Kevin awareness meter and so because you are now moreaware of gray pathfinder’s you some more great pathfinder’swell now your awareness has been erased on real estate transactionsand what’s gonna happen for years the everywhere you go you’re gone unnoticedpeople talking about real estatethinking about buying thinking about selling in all but we’re going to askyou to do used to put those people in touch with usso that we could make sure they get phenomenal service just like you’regetting from the cheekso has you hear people because you’re going to hear more people talking aboutreal estatejust keep a stack of cards with them interest from over two outs andyou know we’ll make sure that we take excellent careso that’s something you do kinda at the exit love your.

I’ve your transaction no we do that assminute they go under contract that is what we stopped the conversation westartI met once they clear the clear their inspectionswe remind them again and then at the closing table we remind them again so inevery transactionin our transaction logs there’s a checkboxthere’s three times that we want to talk to them and ask for referralsand the we have clients you have one guy last year that referred us peopleI have another client that we have salt there’s five brothers and sistersweeks old all of them of their kids and then all up therelike aunts and uncles nieces and nephews houseso it’s just the power asking in staying in touchand making it about that it’s not about help me some warehousethat’s about help more people get excellent service.

So I’ll you a lot of it is I thinkhave a there’s a they don’t want to just call and askfor the business but you’re saying you guys do it me because you’ve alreadyreminded them before three times that you’re gonna do it in the future anywayrightyeah yeah exactlynasty you and there’s a weighted to do itdave is a when where and when it’s all about you knowthank you guys you’re calling from gratitude you know for us II call the night i just want to thank you guys you know my daughter was ableto attenda private school last year because evolve a great referralsyou guys que pasa and you absolute blast our livesthat’s a real thing Rio gratitude coming to themI and they get excited about that they want to help out and do it morepossumokay so work you know it’s ok.

On what all principles does a valuer work in valuation?

I certify that I have audited the financial statements on pages 0 to 0 under the Government Resources and Accounts Act 2000. The Criminal Records Bureau and Chief Executive are also responsible for the preparation of the Foreword. However, the evidence available to me was limited in respect of turnover and debtors relating to the processing of volunteer applications. No charge should be made for volunteer applications although testing revealed a number of instances where charges had been recorded.

However, there were no systems of control over these amounts on which I could rely for the purposes of my audit and there were no other satisfactory audit procedures that I could adopt to ascertain the extent of any potential overstatement and to confirm that turnover and debtors were properly stated. Under Part V of the Police Act 1997, the Criminal Records Bureau is required to pay a prescribed fee per check to each Police Force.

During 2002-03, the Bureau made payments to Police Forces based on gross cost reimbursement which exceeded the amounts due on a cost per check basis. except for payments made to Police Forces referred to above, in all other material respects the expenditure and income have been applied to the purposes intended by Parliament and the financial transactions conform to the authorities which govern them. proper accounting records were not maintained in respect of disclosure notice income and debtors up to 5 February 2003. Read more : Melbourne Property Valuers

Major refurbishment work has been carried out at the Darwen site during the year. This work has been capitalised over the length of the lease agreements. A full years depreciation is provided on all tangible fixed assets in the year of acquisition at rates calculated to write off the cost or valuation of each asset evenly over its expected useful life as follows: The minimum level for capitalisation as a tangible fixed asset (excluding fixtures & fittings) is £750 per item.

How to handle the full valuation of house process with the simple ways?

The Adventure Collection, a group of 11 U.S. and Canadian tour operators involved in host country projects such as support for AIDS orphanages in Kenya (Micato Safaris) and for the Galapagos Conservation fund which as raised over $2 million from guest donations conservation programs in the Galapagos (Lindblad Expeditions). Sponsored by TIES’ sister organization, the Center on Ecotourism and Sustainable Development (CESD), the conference was co-sponsored by TIES and Conservation International, as well as by a number of ecotourism companies, and the Ford Foundation. More Details : Valuations QLD

The conference was organized by a small advisory committee with the support of CESD and TIES staff. Duncan Beardsley, former director of Stanford’s Travel/Study Programs and TIES Board member Andrew Fairley of Turtle Island Resorts co-chaired the event. The virtually flawless execution of the conference was thanks to months of hard work by CESD staff Tracy Pizzo at Stanford and Zoë Chafe in Washington, and during the final month, by Noah Wasserman of CI’s Ecotourism Program.

Those include publishing a book about Travelers’ Philanthropy (using some of the conference presentations), online discussions (being organized by Peter Gibbes of Sea-Change in UK), producing a pamphlet and a “tool (Continued on page 8) Traveler Philanthropy Conference: A Big Success Uniting Conservation, Communities and Sustainable Travel Page 6 Ecotourism is typically described as a small niche market. But several emerging consumer trends indicate that ecotourism may have a broader appeal, not only to its close cousin, the soft adventure tourism market, but also to such alien species as the markets for cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts.

Peter Yesavich, a market researcher who has tracked the travel sector for over two decades, identifies three powerful recent consumer trends – “cheap is chic,” “customization,” and “togethering” – that he argues have begun to change how people choose travel experiences. Most travelers today are not in a financial position to pay late 1990’s prices and so, according to Yesavich, they are taking advantage of the relatively low prices offered by very competitive budget airlines, cruise lines, and all-inclusive resorts.

Are the valuers inter connected with giving the very best and required results to the people?

A briefing note prepared by officers for local MPs warns that the result could be a breakdown of trust between the RDA, the local authority and the community. Britain could continue to receive billions of pounds of European money and enjoy greater flexibility in how it is spent under proposals set out by the European Commission. The options are revealed in the commission’s newly adopted second report on economic and social cohesion, which considers the shape of structural funds once new member states have joined the current 15. Launching the report, commissioner for regional policy Michel Barnier pointed out that if today’s Objective 1 rules were applied to an enlarged European Union, half the population currently covered by Objective 1 would lose its benefits.

The serious poverty of some should not eclipse the serious difficulties of others,’ he said.‘On the contrary: the problems faced by current and by future member states will be dealt with in parallel. The paper suggests four scenarios for Objective 1 after 2006, three of which attempt to ensure that current members’ most needy regions still get funding. These are a temporary‘phasing-out’ grant; the possibility of raising the GDP threshold at which regions could call for help; and a two-tier approach with separate thresholds of eligibility for current states and the new members.

The report also asks whether employment rates should be considered in the new criteria, pointing out that many of the current Objective 1 regions still have high unemployment. The report suggests that the commission could grant governments a freer hand on how the cash from other parts of the fund is spent – such as the Objective 2 money for areas facing industrial decline. It maintains that state aid rules – which killed off the UK’s Partnership Investment Programme – should continue to be rigorously upheld.

Arlene McCarthy, Labour MEP for the north west and spokesperson on regional policy for all MEPs, said this approach would allow UK regions the flexibility to use resources according to their own regional strategies, to take account of pockets of deprivation and changing regional circumstances. London Development Agency chief executive Mike Ward told a conference this week that while the agency was unlikely to be a‘general funding body for the entire range of voluntary sector activity’, it would resist government moves to divert it from social regeneration. Read more : Sydney Property Valuers

What is the major need for doing the valuation process?

Embarking on an audit doesn’t necessarily mean that it will radically change things and improve the services overnight. There is only so much that the audit can achieve. So ensure that you are both aware of the limitations and benefits of the project – don’t promise the earth and be patient!

Mercian adopts a variety of methods to promote tenant and community involvement with formal and informal residents’ groups, focus groups and partnerships Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council – is a large urban authority, managing 37,000 properties in the Black Country – with 27 neighbourhood offices large estates and Easy Online Property Valuation a traditional and well used representative tenant participation structure of associations and committees, but with a proven track record of trying and testing new methods and approaches The Wrekin Housing Trust – a transfer housing association managing 12,000 homes, based in and around the former new town in Telford. Wrekin has few Tenants’ Associations, but active and influential tenant involvement is delivered by a tenants’ pane The Chartered Institute of Housing – managed the grant on behalf of the Government. Funded with £50,000 of Innovation Into Action money, match funded by the landlords, running over two to three years, three very different landlord organisations, operating in different ways in very different circumstances, came together to deliver the Tenant Auditors Project.

The differences were productive: sharing viewpoints, different expectations and alternative ways of approaching the same issue, proved enlightening to partners and helpful to the project Just thinking it may be a good idea is not really enough. It is really important from the outset that both the landlord and tenants fully understand and agree the reasons why carrying out a tenant audit is a good idea Just thinking it may be a good idea is not really enough. It is really important from the outset that both the landlord and tenants fully understand and agree the reasons why carrying out a tenant audit is a good idea Doing it as a PR exercise won’t work. Tenants will see through this veneer and the implications are that there will be a number of very disaffected tenants who will lose confidence with their landlord Make sure that you do what you say you will do. Tenants need to know that their input will make a difference and that their recommendations will be acted upon.

Depreciation report providing accurate calculations

No doubt we can expect to witness many more cases where members of local communities situated close to existing or proposed renewable energy sites will voice their concerns. Objections tend to focus not only on the value of property, but also the impact on local economies such as tourism and plain aesthetics. DMH Baird Lumsden recently sold a farm in Central Scotland where the focal point of the property, the farmhouse, was situated overlooking an area subject to windfarm proposals. But I believe it was lack of knowledge which led to buyer reluctance in this case. Few people are likely to have seen, heard or experienced a windfarm first hand and as a result, are not prepared to take on the risk of buying a property close by.

It is the uncertainty caused by the pre-construction phase which makes people apprehensive. Had the wind turbines been fully operational, it is doubtful there would have been the same level of concern from buyers. Aesthetics are not the only issue which householders believe could lead to a reduction in property values.

Some believe the existence of a nearby windfarm represents a noisy and distracting disturbance. Certainly turbines are at their noisiest when working at full capacity but under these circumstances one would struggle to hear anything 100 yards away, let alone 500 yards away as a result of noise from the wind itself.

In certain light conditions, reflections from turbine blades can become a disconcerting distraction for its residents, which could impact on the overall enjoyment of the property. Yet, many householders welcome the prospect of living close to windfarms, and regard them as an attractive necessity in an era of impending climate change. A tax Depreciation schedule, it will augment the measure of non-money conclusions you will get in your Government form on your Venture Property. Some local communities still object, however, to their immediate environments being compromised for the benefit of thousands of other householders elsewhere. There is certainly a case to be answered here, yet it could be argued that the solution lies in passing on some of the cost savings for generating renewable energy locally to the local electricity users as well as the producer.

This may go some way to encouraging communities to regard neighbouring windfarms as their own asset, not eyesore.

That aside, the economy seems more likely to face a ‘soft’ rather than a ‘hard’ landing. The keys to the buoyancy of the housing market are of course stable rates of interest and employment and, given that both these rates have remained remarkably steady over recent months, there is little if any evidence to suggest that the Scottish housing market is overheated at present, though if we were to see similar growth rates in house prices as were achieved last year, then there might well be a danger of overheating.